Public Smoking

May 21, 2008

Here in indonesia, every place is a smoking area. Even in a public transportation like train, bus or angkot, everyone can feel free to smoke. Yeah of course, there is an a rule for that, but is not indonesian people if not break the rule. 😀

Hell yeah, rock n roll Indonesian.. Selamat hari kebangkitan nasional. N, keep break the rule dump-ass.. grrr..


4 Responses to “Public Smoking”

  1. uzakuza Says:

    if all people in indonesia thinks like u,
    i hope can made me n other peole comfort u use all transportation in here.
    but no real, almost one of them can’t realize, how important, and impact.
    …selamat hari kebangkitan, semoga indonesia bisa bangkit sampai 1000tahun nanti…

  2. gedex Says:

    that’s a damn-fucking-smoker.. hell yeah.. every smoker is a butthead.
    You know what.. i’m now realize that you’re awesome. You have a steelheart. I’m jealous with you from being quit smoking quitely.. 4 thumbs silit for you

  3. 0nay Says:

    #1 Yeeah, bukan indonesia namanya klo ga crowded *our trade mark

    #2 Sini dex konsultasi sama gw masalah rokok dan asmara lo dijamin gebetan lo ntar jatuh cinta sama gw 😀

  4. t33d Says:

    Ciyeeeeee onay…..

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